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Snowy White Owl – Gooseberry Beach Westport, MA

I FINALLY spotted the Snowy White Owl at Gooseberry!! What a beautiful sight he was 🙂 Now available in my Etsy Store as a Greeting Card and Prints: Snowy Owl Prints


This next image has a story to tell… The image above was my view of “Mr. Owl” the entire time that I was taking pictures of him. The image below, was his view of the sunset, he turned back to look at me walk away……This was the last scene that I captured of this beautiful snowy owl. The lighting was perfect, the surroundings were perfect, everything was just right! Yet, while I continued to take shots of him, it saddened me in a way just watching him just sit there and stare beyond my presence. When I finished my venture, I thanked Mr. Owl, for allowing me the opportunity to capture him and his beauty. I asked him (I know it sounds crazy ) if he was OK, or if he was hungry or lost. He would look me straight in the eyes, then would look right on past me and pivot his head to and fro. I said my goodbyes and when I sadly walked away with camera in hand and many different feelings – accomplishment, sadness, worry to name a few.. I turned to say one last goodbye, and THIS is what I saw! His view, his perspective of the situation. All along, he was content and just admiring this beautiful sunset. I learned something that night from this beautiful creature… he taught me that in any situation, good or bad, you just might have to look “out of the picture” and you will see things in another light and a different perspective. Two beings in the same spot on earth, sharing the same moment in time, yet their view of the situation, surroundings and perspective were TOTALLY different. I headed back to my truck with a peaceful feeling that he was OK

Thanks Mr. Owl for your disguised lesson….after all, “HOO’s” smarter than an owl

Snowy White Owl