Sarah and Alex’s Wedding Day

This is my beautiful and stunning, niece Sarah! Me and my family flew down to Florida for the weekend to witness her and Alex tie the knot. I was not the photographer for the wedding, as I wanted to enjoy all the “precious moments” throughout the day 🙂 I did, of course, bring my camera and grab some shots here and there. I made a slide show of some of the images I captured.

Congrats to Sarah and Alex! Your wedding day was SOOOOO perfect and beautiful!!!

*** 🙂 🙂 :)Click HERE to view Sarah and Alex’s SLIDESHOW *** 🙂 🙂 🙂


Kaitlyn and Keith’s Wedding Day

Kaitlyn and Keith tied the knot on June 19, 2010. They had a beautiful outdoor Ceremony at McGoverns on The Water. You can see the love they have for each other just by the way they look at one another. They are such a sweet couple and were so wonderful to work with over the past year. I’ll miss you guys! Enjoy your Wedding Day Slideshow:

Click HERE to view the slideshow.




Album Repair

I met Anna at a wedding I shot back in 2008. She was the fantastic Maid of Honor! She contacted me about her own wedding album that was 10 years old and had kind of fallen apart, and asked if I could repair it or at least take a look at it. When she showed up with it in a garbage bag, I was a bit worried about what I got myself into 🙂 It was a beautiful album back in it’s day, but something terribly wrong happened to it and we don’t know why??? It had a beautiful leather cover which got SO sticky everything in sight stuck to it, including all the newspaper flyers! It was just awful, I felt so bad for her.

Well with MANY decisions later, she now has a beautiful, brand-spankin’ new wedding album! I’m so happy for her and her honey! You are great people! Enjoy your new album, Anna!


Patrick and Nicole’s Wedding Day!

Patrick and Nicole exchanged vows on Friday, May 15 at the Fall River Country Club. The weather called for rain but it held out and ended up being a beautiful sunny day! They bring sunshine where ever they go 🙂 Their wedding was beautiful!

They had 2 tables FULL of every gourmet dessert imaginable. It was amazing!

Patrick’s Mom surprised them with these unbelievable Lanterns! They were amazing! You light them up, then they rise to the sky just like a hot air balloon! I can just imagine people driving and seeing them in the sky, ha!

Congratulations, Patrick and Nicole. You were a GREAT couple to work with, thank you for allowing me to share your special day with you. Your Wedding Day Slideshow will soon follow. Enjoy your honeymoon!!!!







Mike and Lorie’s Wedding Day

Mike and Lorie are back from their Honeymoon! This picture of them kissing has a small story to it. To GET them to kiss at the reception, your whole table had to sing “Out loud” a song with the word “LOVE” in it….It was pretty funny and some of the tables were pretty original with their song choices……So while they are kissing in this quiet moment, there are people singing all around them. Great touch guys.

Well, Lorie asked me to pick out the song for their Wedding Day Slide show…..I dug deep thru my library of songs to find the right one that fit this couple. I think these choices fits them 🙂

Click here for your SLIDE SHOW Enjoy!

Lorie & Mike’s Wedding Sneak Peek

Lorie and Mike exchanged vows on October 11, 2008 at McGovern’s on the Water in Fall River. They had a beautiful outdoor Ceremony on such a beautiful Fall day. This couple is very fun and up for anything!! They have such great friends and family. LOVE all your sisters! We had alot of fun sharing their special day with them.

They are on their honeymoon for quite sometime, so stay tuned for their Wedding Day Slideshow. I want to wait for them to return before I post it. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from their day.

Congrats Lorie and Mike! Have a GREAT Honeymoon!

The last shot of the dessert, I had to post because I had never seen anything like this. All the staff came out in the PITCH BLACK all the lights were off! They all were carrying trays of desserts laced with alcohol, yummy! Say no more. Well, they then lit them on fire!!! The Blue is the flame that was pouring out of the alcohol/gravy boat, hehehe. It was YUMMY! Great touch guys!

Leo and Ellen’s Wedding Day

How do I begin to tell you about Leo and Ellen……well I did their engagement photos a bit back and had so much fun with these two, that I couldn’t wait to spend more time with them. They exchanged vows at a beautiful Ceremony at Hawthorn Country Club. They wrote their own vows…..let me just say that I had to recompose myself and look away when Ellen was saying her vows because my eyes filled up……They are a beautiful couple inside and out and are soooooo meant for each other! Their special day was filled with all the details and stunning! I only spent a very short time with them on their day, but I captured what I could for them. Congratulations, Leo and Ellen! Thank you both for a fun few months. I am so happy for you both! I picked this song for your slideshow as I thought it fit your “special” story. Enjoy your
Wedding Day Slideshow.