Lincoln Park – N. Dartmouth, MA

For those of you that visited Lincoln Park while growing up will appreciate the sadness both me and my husband had while visiting the now dark and dismal site. Lincoln Park is now a memory in our hearts, good times that will never be forgotten, at least for me. It was a gathering place for families, and a fun one at that.

I can still smell the clam cakes that my dad would buy us and then we would all eat them under the pavilion while watching all the live shows. I always dreamed of standing on that stage and dancing up there like a star. Well, yesterday, my dream came true. It wasn’t quite the same looking stage as I had remembered, but instead, it was piles of demolished and burned wood. As I stood on that stage, deep down inside I could here the laughter of people and cheers from the crowd. Yes, I know kinda weird and mysterious. Me and my honey spent some time walking all around, and found it very sad to leave. There are so many good memories from such a dark place as it stands now.

Every time we drive by the Park, my daughter asks me questions about the famous roller coaster, “The Comet”. “Mom, tell me again how did it break.” I just wish I could have had the opportunity to share the park with her as my parents and family did with me.

To make our visit feel even more eerie…… it was a few hours shy of a full moon. I would have loved to have been able to capture what we saw as we were walking away from the coaster. I did take a shot showing the full moon which you will see, but in the last shot just for fun, I enlarged the moon to kinda show what we saw. Enjoy…….

Lincoln Park 1894-1987 Rest In Peace

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***UPDATE*** The remains of Lincoln Park have been torn down in July 11, 2012.

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39 thoughts on “Lincoln Park – N. Dartmouth, MA

  1. Very artistic slide show…Maegan was a bit freaked out by the music. Keep up the good work…
    Love ya, Sue

  2. Thank you, Sue. It was kind of sad taking the photos and making the slideshow. Well, VERY sad. A place I will never forget. Sorry Meg!

  3. Dolly, that’s an amazing capture of what can only be considered the tragic loss of a cherished childhood memory. I’ve never been to Lincoln Park, but I can feel the sadness and desolation captured in your pictures. The black and white, in the dead of winter, where even the trees appear dead. It even appears that the people that left all the grafitti have even moved on, no longer interested in what the park was, is or will ever be. I’d love to hear what brought you back to the park some day.

  4. Hi, My name is Terri Jones and I live in Dalton New Hampshire, not far from the Canadian Border…
    A former classmate of mine (grad class Holy Family High1958) sent me the Lincoln Park Memorial video.. I am very impressed!
    It is so sad to see this once vibrant park has sunk into decay. How long has the park been out of business? Who owns the land? I have a feeling it will be plowed under for some development of some kind…surprising that it hasn’t been done already.
    Thank you for this keepsake…
    Terri Jones

  5. Hi Dolly,

    Just saw your video of Lincoln Park…. or should I say the remains of.

    Beautiful job…does conjure much saddness…so you succeeded in what I assume was at least one of your missions in producing this short film. Congrats!

    I enjoyed the musical composition that accompanied the video for it added to your presentation greatly! I kind of wished you had acknowledged the name of the piece, the composer and the singer….

    Would you be willing to share that information with me?

    Thanks very much! Wishing you continued creativity and success!

    My Best,


  6. Hello Dolly!

    I know. You probably are sick of that.

    I just wanted to thank you for your presentation of one of my MAGIC places of my

    childhood. I am 59, but you just took me back 50 years. It gave me an eerie feeling

    watching the slide show, but I could envision each venue as it was back then. Viewing

    those slides was like visiting a cemetery. So sad. When my kids were growing up we

    had to take them to Canobie Lake, nice but not LINCOLN PARK.

    Thanks again.

    Mike W.

  7. Hi Dolly

    Great photography and many fond memories, congratulation and hope you continue to be successful.

    Bob Muir
    Pompano Beach, Fl
    St Anthony High Class of 50






  9. Dolly G.

    I’ve become an instant fan. I was moved by the Lincoln Park video and the music was perfect. I also enjoyed the pet photography and engagement photos on your site. Beautiful work!

    I dibble in photography and am fond of the black & white style. I crave the mystique and love ruins and secret places to photograph. Thank you for inspiring me again. I was in a slump for way too long…

    Sincerely Rochelle Dube

    NOTE: I am Terri Jones’ daughter. (RE: below e-mail.)

    I wanted to share these photos I took

  10. Wow, This video touched my heart. I was born and raised in New bedford, Mass. and visited Lincoln Park many times with my parents as a child. My parents were hooked on “roller ball” and that brought us there in the winter time. I remember walking the whole park all by myself with snow on the ground. I thought that was spooky, but I am so sad to see how run down it has become. I am very grateful to have had the park as a big part of my life. Thank you for the memories.

  11. Just wanted to say thanks for the Lincoln park pictures. They were
    passed through out my whole family. Anne- Fairhaven

  12. Dolly, I thought that the Lincoln Park video was incredible. It was kinda spooky and sad all at the same time. I used to go there as a kid all the time exspecialy on the fourth of July. My parents used to take us almost every year.Plus we used to go roller skating every Saturday while my parents would go bowling. I commend you on the work you did with this it. Thanks for bringing back so many memories. I also just got into photography and I can only hope to be able to shoot as good as you do someday. You have some fantastic photos on this site. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
    Chris from Dartmouth Ma.

  13. Dear Dolly
    I just viewed your Lincoln park slide show. Great Job!   My name is Dennis Rowland and I have lived in Austin Texas for the past 40 years. I am now 59 years of age and left mass.
    at the age of five. My fondest memory was seeing Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob at Lincoln Park. I still have family in New Bedford. I not been back in several years. My mother loved to roller skate and would go often. My grand father owned a dinner on the former Water Street. I could go on …Your presentation was great. My back ground is photography. I started in a dark room at the age of thirteen and became my High School photographer.  I know from what I speak  You tickled my heart. I could go on with memories  Thanks for all the time you devoted to your project. 
    It works
    Dennis Rowland
    dp Marketing
    Austin, Texas

  14. That was very awsome Dolly Lincln park was my favorite spot in the 70s and 80s.You did an awsome job that was so beautiful it brought a few tears in my eyes. Ihad alot lot of memories there ferris wheel, dodgems, the flying cages, round up, skating and bowling and yes you cant forget there clam cakes were the best. Thank you for the memories i really wish it was still open for my daughters to go to now. If you have any more pictures could i see them please . Thank you Eric

  15. Dolly;
    As a child I spent many Saturdays enjoying the “life” that was Lincoln Park. I have seen many pictures of the ruins of this great memory but none have compared to the heart wrenching compilation you have put together.
    What saddens me even more than the fact that the park is gone is the fact that the remains of the park have been left to decay. The photos of the grafitti felt like a direct hit to my heart. It truly is a shame that there is no respect for properties such as these.
    Lincoln Park will always live in my memories. Not the one displayed here, but one filled with laughter and joy.
    Thank you for your photographic view of the sadness and distruction of what was once a wonderful place to experience.

  16. This was so very sad. Lincoln Park was one of my favorite places when I was little. You did a wonderful job combining the pictures and the music to evoke such powerful emotions. Thank you.

  17. Dolly, thank you so much for the lincoln park video. it brought back so many memories of my sisters and me waiting in anticipation for our father to come home from work so we could go to lincoln park after supper as a special treat. we would count the “hills” of rt. 6 knowing each hill we went over brought us closer to excitement. i remember my first ride on the big roller coaster after 8th grade graduation. i was sick in bed for 3 days after but it was worth it. i could go on and on about my memories and they would all be good.
    i just wanted you to know that i forwarded your site to my sister in berlin, germany to see and she said it made her cry because it was so sad to see the park in ruins after having so many memories of fun there when we were children.
    she wanted me to thank you for giving us this present of happy times and the sadness of what the park is today. so, thank you from all who have seen this video. i received it from my cousin in maine so it’s traveled to many destinations.
    one more thing–the music was so appropriate for the demise of the park.
    attleboro, ma. previously from new bedford

  18. This is a historical piece of work. Anyone familiar with the “Park” can not help but remember times long past. The music, which I hope you will tell me where it is from, is the perfect complement to this video art. You have captured the death of time, now only memories endure.

  19. Great job in the Lincoln sent it to friends and posted it in my Facebook..I hope your server doesn’t fry out..because everyone Loves it!! I really like your colors in your Disney shots, too!

    Steve Ouellette

  20. As sad as this slideshow is, I couldn’t help but to enjoy it as well. My mind’s eye viewed it in color and operational! I felt the yank as the chain caught the cart and heard the cranking of the chain pulling the coaster to the top. Nothing will ever beat the excitement of it all.
    Amazing how so much sadness can elicit memories of sheer happiness.
    DollyG, you are incredible!
    Cindy Souza

  21. Hi
    I thought your photograghs were so beautiful. The deadness of winter and the death of the park gave the pics so much strength. The music was perfect! Could you please tell me the name of the cd that has the music it was so peacefull and good to meditate to. I truly enjoyed your work.

    Thank You
    Susan Cabral

  22. Dolly , Thank you for the memories of the park It gave my sister and I something to talk about and all the great times we had there with special people in our life’s.I remember the whip it really whip you around the corners .It really is to bad that it is gone but i will always treasure the time Ispent there

  23. Dolly

    I viewed your slide show on Lincoln Park. As a child I spent many happy hours at Lincoln Park and had not thought about in many years. I want to thank you for the memories you brought back with that beautiful slide show. I must say it brought a tear to my eye.

    Thanks Again
    Bill Travis

  24. Hi Dolly,

    One of my students sent me the site with the Lincoln Park photos. It’s spectacular. My partner and I may be getting married next year. Do you photogragh weddings? By the way, what is the music that was playing with the Lincoln Park photos? It’s beautiful.


  25. Hi Dolly,

    So much enjoyed the pictures of Lincoln Park!!! Thanks for the memories, they are very bittersweet.

    Deb L
    Senior Account Executive
    Mansfield, MA

  26. Sad…’s amazing that it is still there!

    I spent many a summer night there in the 40’s and 50’s as a kid. Roller skating was fun also.

    I live in San Diego now and they have a small Park, on the beach, with a wooden coaster that is kept up and in use. I reminds me alot of Lincoln Park.


  27. Hello Dolly,

    That has a nice ring to it! The purpose of this email is that I want to thank you for taking the time to create a masterpiece a true work of art commemorating Lincoln Park. I lived in New Bedford all my life until we made to move fourteen years ago to Mesa Arizona. Your slide show has brought a tear to my eyes. I too remember the famous Clam Cakes and still miss the trill of the Comet. My wife of 43 Years and I used to attend the Friday night dance in the ballroom and met many of Top Singers and Bands there well in my time frame anyway.

    Once again I would like to thank you for bringing back some good old fashion memories.

    Thank You

    Rene Bourgeois

    Mesa Arizona

  28. Just came across the lincoln park slide show. WELL DONE ! Spent
    some time there as a kid — brought back some memories.

    Bob Bergeron
    Tri Color Imaging lab

  29. A friend of mine sent me the slideshow photography of Lincoln Park because I went there many times as I was growing up and living there in Fall River. My friends and I (girls too) had so much fun there. There were terrific
    rides there and a skating rink and a dance place called
    Million Dollar Ballroom. I saw some great performers like
    the Platters,Jimmy Clanton,Del Shannon and the Ink Spots. I did alot of kissing the girls there too.
    Around the year 2000 I went there and saw the park the
    way it was so deteriorated. It was painful to see it in such a state of decay.
    You did an incredible job of photographing the awful state it was in. Last I heard they were going to redevelop the place and build high rise condos for the elderly. I really don’t know how accurate that info was.
    With the economy the way it is it would be quite surprising if they did develop the place.
    Anyway great idea you had in preserving the memory
    of that place.Terrific filming.
    Robert St. Pierre

  30. D.G. Well, I have writers’ cramps and there are tears all over my key board after having watch your slide show of Lincoln Park…..These photos invoked so much emotion in me..,..and ignited so many memories of my life in the Fall River area.

  31. My father sent me a link to your Lincoln Park slide show. I’m not sure how he came across it.

    I wasn’t prepared for the images I saw. It was devastating. I was literally moved to tears.

    Lincoln Park was a very special place for me as a child. I have wonderful memories of that place that go back as far as I can remember. The Clam Cake Pavilion… the small bumper cars (my favorite!)… the helicopters that went up and down by opening and closing the safety gate… ticket booths and cotton candy… the train ride… merry-go-round…so much more…I remember it all like it was a week ago.

    It is a shame that the property was left in that condition. It’s like seeing an old friend die.

    New Hampshire
    originally from Little Compton

  32. A friend forwarded the video you made of the park in its present state. As an old timer it brought back, with a rush, all the good times we had there. The roller coaster, the carousel, dodge cars and of course the great dance hall. Thanks for the memories.

    Clif Ross
    Port Townsend, WA

  33. A special thank you to all that has left a comment on my Lincoln Park Show. It gives me the warm fuzzies that I have touched so many people’s hearts. I have received lots of emails from people throughout the world sharing their memories of how they enjoyed the park as part of their childhood. I totally can relate to all your stories; they made me cry.

    Also, lots of people have inquired about the music. Unfortunately, I do not know the author. I have a cd of music that I used to use for videography and they are all named track 1, track 2, track 3, etc. So if anyone knows who sings it, I’d also love to know and acknowledge the author. Thank you again to everyone for sharing your own special memories, and opening up your hearts with your stories. Take care……

  34. Dolly,
    What a gifted artist you are and photo documentarian. I loved this short film. I have grown up around parks like Lincoln park and you brought back my own memories as well as my love of abandoned places and black and white photography.
    I have looked through all of your photos here and you are so amazingly talented. God speed to you in internet land over saturated by photography you bring your heart and passion to it and are amazing how you bring soul to a subject whether a child or a tired and worn piece of wood. Bravo my Dear!
    Best to you!
    p.s. And thanks for the music choice on this video I have never heard this song !

  35. Your video slide show of the demise of Lincoln Park brought back so many memories of the “good times” spent there. From the trip on the electric trolly that ran the median strip of Route six, to all of the rides, frozen custard, clam cakes, cotton candy, fun house, tilt-a-whirl, etc. and so many other unforgettable fun filled outings there, were all brought back by your very well made video show. Your artistic expetise is very much appreciated. Thank you.
    Russ Worsley (age 77) Leesburg, Florida. Formerly of Dartmouth, MA.

  36. Thanks so much NJ, Laura and Russ….your kind words are so much appreciated. Lincoln Park is a place that I will always keep in my heart and all the memories will never be forgotten 🙂

  37. All I can say is awesome and having grown up like so many others spending weekends at Lincoln Park, thank you. Your sister told me about this work which I have sent to my family in Florida, I wanted to share this very poignant piece and the wonderful memories it brought back to me. Thank you!

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