The Comet – Lincoln Park, N. Dartmouth Images for Sale

If you follow me and my website, you all know I captured some images of Lincoln Park and made a SLIDESHOW of what I captured. Well, I have received numerous requests from people wanting to buy the images. Want a framed image?? If you are from (Dartmouth, Fall River, Westport, New Bedford) etc. contact me if you are interested in a framed piece.

You can purchase some Lincoln Park images in my Etsy Store.

3 thoughts on “The Comet – Lincoln Park, N. Dartmouth Images for Sale

  1. Dolly G. You have done a fantastic service to all who follow, by archiving these soon to be lost forever, images. We should never forget the past and these photographs assure that the good times spent at Lincoln Park shall always be remembered. Thank you. R. E. W. Leesburg, Florida.

  2. Thank you Russ…..they just approved the lot for building lots of houses and developments 🙁

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