Jody’s Fashion Shoot

Meet JODY!!! This is my neice, Jody. She is from farrrrrrrrr away. She came to visit recently for a family get together. Well, of course, I had to SHOOT HER! hehehehe It was LOTS of fun! and we had LOTS of laughs! Sorry to see you leave…hope to see you soon! Love ya, kiddo! Isn’t she beautiful! 🙂






This one’s my favorite 🙂


2 thoughts on “Jody’s Fashion Shoot

  1. Dolly, I am Jody’s mother-in-law….these pics are incredible. Soooo beautiful. Your work is exquisite and your subject is gorgeous. Thanks for allowing us to view. Diane

  2. Thank you so much, Diane…..We had LOTS of fun and yes, it’s always nice working with a beautiful subject 🙂

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