3 thoughts on “Patrick and Nicole’s Wedding Day Slideshow

  1. Fantastic wedding…..Nicole you look amazing, I remember you when you were in Highschool and I see that young girl in the wedding photo’s. I know first hand what it like to be married to an Edmonds girl and Pat just made the best decision of his life! I wish the best to both of you and thank you for allowing my family to share in your special day. God Bless both of you!! 🙂 Paul Larrabee

  2. Nicole and Pat: Thank you for inviting us to this lovely wedding. You both looked marvelous! The band was great and the day a gift. (Those Edmonds kids can DANCE!) We wish you much happiness and joy throughout your new life together. Love, Mark and Jan.

  3. Hey Pat & Nicole

    I am so happy for you guys…your slideshow was beautiful and you guys look great together. Now it’s me in 4 weeks I”m so excited, nervous and still a bit stressed but I cannot wait to start my life with Moises. It’s been great knowing you guys and i’m glad we met. Have a wonderful and happy life together. See you guys at my wedding!

    Christina & Moises

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